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The Temple Mount is the most important historical and archeological site in the State of Israel. Three thousand years old, it is a site of supreme historical importance in the annals of all human culture, in particular of the Jewish people. The Temple Mount compound embodies riveting chapters of human history that tell the story of days of glory and splendor as well as of destruction and desolation.

The state authorities do not enforce the Antiquities Law and the Planning and Construction Law on the Temple Mount, and allow the Waqf to perpetrate gross violations of the law and to do as it pleases on the Temple Mount. The Waqf is changing the character of the Temple Mount through the construction of Muslim religious structures and the conversion of existing ancient structures into mosques. The Waqf denies any Jewish or Christian ties to the Temple Mount and is making every effort to obliterate all remnants that testify to those ties. 


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We must not remain indifferent! We refuse to accept the destruction of antiquities and the violations of the law being perpetrated on the Temple Mount, involving continual and irreversible damage to this major heritage site of paramount historical, archeological and religious significance.

We call upon the government of Israel to immediately cease its acceptance of the destruction of the antiquities on the Temple Mount and to ban the construction of new Muslim structures, including the erection of a fifth minaret on the mount!

We call upon the Government of Israel to strictly enforce the law on the Temple Mount, including the Antiquities Law and the Planning and Construction Law, and to prevent the further destruction of antiquities and the construction work without the receipt of a permit and authorization in advance.

We call upon the government of Israel to form a special ministerial committee, as stipulated in the Antiquities Law, to authorize all construction work by the Waqf on the Temple Mount and not to leave these decisions exclusively in the hands of the prime minister.

We call upon the Attorney General, the police and the courts to enforce Israeli law on the Temple Mount and bring all those who break the law to justice.

We call upon the Supreme Court to demand that the government of Israel and its prime minister uphold the law and reject false pretexts whose only purpose is to justify further violation of the law.

We call upon the Antiquities Authority to follow proper procedure in the issuing of permits before the execution of any construction on the Temple Mount, including salvage excavations, in accordance with the scientific standards required in all archeological sites, and to position a permanent inspector who will be present on the Temple Mount on a daily basis to prevent further damage to its antiquities.

We call upon the ministers of tourism and Jerusalem affairs to attend to the status of the Temple Mount as a tourist site, encourage local and foreign tourists to visit it, open all the mount’s sites to visitors, increase the prayer times to include the afternoon hours as well as Fridays and Saturdays, allow tourists to enter from all gates and not only from the Mughrabi Gate, and to immediately resolve the technical difficulties created by a line of hundreds of people waiting to enter the site.

We call upon the ministers of education and homeland security to allow visits by young people and schoolchildren to the Temple Mount, and to encourage such visits by making them part of the school curriculum.

We hereby issue a call to immediately remove all the heavy machinery located on the Temple Mount, including tractors, Backhoe Loaders, industrial saws and all other destructive machinery.

We call upon all the relevant authorities to do what it takes to achieve full transparency, and not to conceal anything from the public regarding decisions, findings and construction and excavation work carried out on the Temple Mount.

No nation on earth would stand by while its most important historical relics are destroyed.

We refuse to remain indifferent and accept the destruction of antiquities or the violations of the law on the Temple Mount involving the continued and irreversible devastation perpetrated on a heritage site of such major cultural, historical, archeological and religious importance.

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